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Filipina Actress Kim Chiu confirmed to play Disney's Princess "Mulan"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Filipinos are always proud of their own.  Be it Lea Salonga playing a lead role in a musical, or Arnel Pineda becoming a member of world-famous band Journey, we are always proud of our talents.  In any realm or industry, we Filipinos seem to earn bragging rights each time.  

Kim Chiu is the latest one who makes us proud.  She was chosen to play Mulan in what seem to be a 2015 calendar collection of Disney princesses.  

According to ABS-CBN:

"In a statement, The Walt Disney Company said: "We confirm that Kim Chiu is part of an upcoming Disney project in Southeast Asia. We will share more details on this in the coming months."

Image source: ABS-CBN

Hunk Markki Stroem has come a long way. #NakedTruth #BenchBody

Sunday, September 21, 2014

If you don't know Fil-Norwegian Markki Stroem by now, you must be living under a rock.  He was a Pilipinas Got Talent contestant.  He was already a fashion model in Europe and the photo above was the first photo that circulated and raised a controversy.  That was four years ago. At that time, he said and I quote, “Yeah, I saw them. I mean, I’m a bit nahihiya kasi everything is out there and I just want to show that I can sing and I’m a musician. And I don’t want everyone to be seeing the picture of me in my underwear as something that’s distracting to the fact that I’m a contestant in Pilipinas Got Talent."

Now, let us look at Markki Stroem today.

Philippines' First Olympic Gold - Thanks to Archer Gabriel Moreno! #pinoypride

Monday, August 25, 2014

One can't help but be doubly-proud of Filipino Archer Gabriel Moreno for bringing the Philippine's first Olympic Gold Medal.

Gabriel Moreno made history on Sunday, August 24, as he won a gold medal in the mixed team event of archery in the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG).", according to

As much as we hailed our first Michael Christian Martinez as the lone Philippine representative to 2014 Winter Olympic Games, we should be as welcoming if not more to Gabriel Moreno. adds,  "The 16-year-old teamed up with Chinese archer Li Jiaman and beat Cynthia Freywald (Germany) and Mohamad Zolkepeli (Malaysia) with a total score of 113-105.

This is the first time the Philippines won a gold medal in an Olympic event. The last time the Philippines placed a medal in the Olympics was in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, where Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco won a silver medal."

We are really proud of you!  Congratulations!

Sarah Geronimo admits Matteo Guidicelli is her boyfriend. (VIDEO)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alright Sarah Geronimo fans..are you guys excited with the personal revelation that Sarah did?

Mateo Guidicelli is Sarah Geronimo's boyfriend.  Speculations have been going on for 6-months and neither one has confirmed the relationship until now.  Sarah has personally confirmed their relationship and she was proud to admit it to reporters on a very recent spur-of-the-moment interview.

What made Sarah finally admit their relationship to the public?  Is it because she is truly in love this time and know that Mateo loves her unconditionally as well? 

We can only speculate but it seems like the relationship is going really well and that Sarah's parents are even supportive of it.  

Congratulations Mateo and Sarah!

Balitang Manilawood - - nakatutok, Chuva Chienes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Si Kris Aquino marunong gumawa ng headline. She claims that she is still broken-hearted daw.  O laban ka.  The other night, I heard she wanted a tattoo daw ng three-hearts behind her ear.  Nainsulto daw sa pag-amin ni Herbert Bautista na mas mahal niya ang mga anak niya.

In other news naman, hot na hot ang story ni Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. Most specially their son together.  Ano ba 'to?  Was this news under a rock or something?  Kasi I just heard of it, all of a sudden big news na.  Hmm.  Big news na yung na-release ang pregnant photos ni Sarah Lahbati

And of course, we can't ignore politics as usual.  Sen. Bong Revilla with his privilege speech and Kris Aquino's reaction to it.  Silence is better than what daw?  The senator has been charged na di ba?  Kailan ba hearing.  Baka naman makaalpas pa?  Let's wait and see!

Fil-Am Miss North Dakota 1st Runner Up for Miss USA - Audra Mari (VIDEO)

Filipinos and Mexicans alike are loving the results of the Miss USA 2014 pageant.  

The Vacation I Have Dreamed of for Years.

Monday, June 2, 2014

When I started traveling years ago, I imagined that one of the places I would have visited first would have been the ultimate travel destination for anyone who enjoys traveling. That place would have been Paris. 

Why did it come so late for me? I couldn't answer that question either.  But now that the chance to finally see the very things I wanted to see in Paris have come into fruition, I realized how much I have missed all this time. It is an amazing city. Although I wished I had gone sooner, I am kind of glad in a way because the excitement I've had all those years had more impact when I finally got the glimpse of The Eiffel Tower. 

I have many photos to share so just bear with my as I re-enter the real world tomorrow. 

Jessica Sanchez covers Ariana Grande's "Problem" (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Haven't heard much about Jessica Sanchez lately but you know that she's got stuff in the works.  She has to!  She's too good to be sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen.


Here's Ariana Grande:

The iPhone 6 New Leaked Photos. Which one is real?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There are so many images on the web regarding the "iPhone 6 Leaked Photos" but none of them really proves to be the right model that is scheduled for release this year. I am anxious simply because I am due for an upgrade. My iPhone 5 (Yes, I did not upgrade to the 5s - why?) is still in perfect shape and I'm one of those lucky ones who purchased my very first iPhone during their new model release year. I started with the iPhone 4 and each year, I've skipped the "s" release (4s and 5s).

I am now prepared to get the iPhone 6. I will miss the 64GB space that I have on my iPhone 5 though. Oh well.

Which one among these photos do you wish would be the real iPhone 6?

Twitter Trends: Rob Kardashian - "Yes, I'm fat."

You have to be thick-skinned to be in the public eye. I get that. So, if you're not prepared to be criticized - you might as well go back to the private live that you once lived. Some of us, like "Rob Kardashian" doesn't have that luxury. He belongs to the most famous family in the world right now - - The Kardashians.

Twitter was ablazed last night when glimpse of new photos of Rob Kardashian surfaced online. He looked really heavy and rumors about rehab and many other things swirled.


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